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Carpet Cleaning Offer Wigan

Exactly what your carpets need

Carpets in homes get dirty over time and even though domestic carpet cleaning equipment and products are more advanced and effective than ever, carpets in the cleanest of homes get a slow build up of dirt and grime. Whether you need us to get your beloved carpets like new again or have an unwanted stain removing, our experienced team and professional equipment are ready for your call.

With many years experience and a team of highly knowledgeable and skilled employees, we’re fully prepared to give your carpets the clean of their lives! We can arrange a time that suits you and provide a quote there and then over the phone. We’ll even arrive on time with a smile on our faces! You genuinely won’t believe your eyes when you see the results we will deliver. We have dealt with all types of stain on all kinds of carpet. This gives us a plethora of tricks up our sleeves to try and fully remove the most difficult of stains.

How we work our magic

First we prep your carpets by spraying a gentle cleaning solution onto them, specifically targeting stains . Then we flush a mix of hot water and eco-friendly cleaning solution deep into the pile of your carpet. This agitates the fibres and helps dislodge muck that household items simply can’t get to. Finally we extract the water with an industrial strength vacuum, removing the water now mixed with dirt and grime. Carpets are left clean, smelling fresh and drying time is massively reduced.

Our team uses the best known hot water extraction technique to clean your carpets. It’s environmentally-friendly, quick drying and there’s no harsh chemicals. This means no dangerous odours lingering around the room once our cleaning is complete.

We use the best techniques coupled with the latest and best equipment. We have extremely knowledgeable and friendly team members equipped with the an array of ways to tackle any difficult stains. We can provide a quote before arriving and organise and arrive at at time that suits you. We will provide you with the best carpet cleaning service in Manchester and we’d love to show you what we can do.

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Do you know what you’re sitting on!?

Got a sofa or chair that’s seen better days? If your sofa has gradually become a member of the family, it can be hard to see how much muck and grime has built up over time. It’s surprising just how new and unrecognisable your couch will look after our team has worked their magic. 

Our sofa cleaning equipment flushes the fabric with a combination of hot water and eco friendly chemicals and extracts most dirt. This, combined with our knowledge, ensures we get the best results but don’t cause any damage.

We recommend you don’t go replacing your sofa just yet, but try our much cheaper alternative.

We have been a professional upholstery cleaning company for many years now. We know all the tips and tricks to breathe a new lease of life back into your treasured sofas and armchairs instead of your having to fork out for a new 3 piece suite.


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